Important Volunteer Dates

Open Enrollment Sign-ups Start:  

March 28th, 2024 for new families



Swimarin, along with the entire Marin Swim League (MSL), is run 100% by Volunteer efforts. It’s an amazing thing when you witness the coordination of a swim meet for the first time or Champs, the last event of the season that includes  every swim team in the league. As a member of the swim team, your volunteer support is essential in making sure we have a fun and successful season. For those not familiar with the swim team, we understand that the volunteer commitment can feel overwhelming during your first season. Our team’s volunteer coordinator  is available to support you, answer all of your questions about the various jobs available, and explain the basics about how a swim meet runs. Jobs can be chosen during the volunteer open enrollment. Every family is required to participate in some way. If a family does not sign up for events during the open enrollment, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you directly to assign you a role that would work for you and your family. The Swimarin swim team is a family friendly environment - we all work together to put on a great swim meet and HAVE FUN doing it. See you on the pool deck!


Important Guidelines

  • The participation requirement is 8 jobs for the season (not including the Champs meet or the All-Star meet if your child qualifies).
  • At least 4 jobs need to be in the second half of the meet.
  • Pro Tip - Talk to our volunteer coordinator before sign-ups and then sign up early to get the jobs you want!

What to Know About Your Jobs

  • Job Descriptions Can Be found HERE
  • Most jobs do not require experience. The jobs are easy to learn and fun to do because you meet other swim families and get to know the kids. Some jobs will also give you a front row seat to the races!
  • It is VERY important to show up for your assignments and be on time. No shows or cancellations are extremely disruptive to the meet. If you can't make it - please reach out to try and find someone to cover you. No shows that do not find a replacement for their job will incur a $125 fee per missed job.

How to Sign Up

  1. Log into your account on the website,
  2. Click on Team Events on the lower half of the homepage.
  3. For each meet, there is a “Job sign up button.” Click that and choose your job. Please be sure to put in the name and cell phone number of the person most likely to be doing the volunteering that day. Be sure to click save at the end. 
  4. Repeat for all 8 jobs following the guidelines above.