Practice Attendance:  We encourage swimmers to come to practice at least 3 times per week and swimmers are allowed to come every day. The more time a swimmer spends in the pool, the more improvement in their swimming. That said, we want to make sure that everyone has a good experience with swimming and we know that everyone has very busy schedules to manage. Particularly with young swimmers, during the early part of the season when it is colder outside, we understand that 2 practices a week might be enough.

Meet Attendance: Participation in our meets is mandatory. While our core values focus on each swimmer’s development within Swimarin, our season focuses on our dual meets during the summer and builds to the Championship meet, our final meet of the season. Every swimmer is expected to show up, warm up, swim hard, and support the team. Note that swimmers are "seeded" so that they compete with others swimmers their age with generally similar times.

Conflicts and Emergencies: If a swimmer cannot attend a meet, you must notify the coach as soon as possible. Since our coaches must submit our swimmers for seeding on the Tuesday before a Saturday meet, please contact them by Monday’s practice with any scheduling concerns. If an emergency arises just before a meet, please email or text your coach immediately. A no-show (especially for relays) can cause a real hardship to the team.

At the Meet: Please dress warmly and bring plenty of fluids to stay comfortable and hydrated. Stay attentive to the heat schedule (mark your hands!) and make sure you are ready and on deck before your heat is called. Stay rested between events and please don’t eat junk food before your race. And, throughout the meet, don’t forget to support your teammates…especially the younger swimmers who are still getting used to competition!